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 Orkut Brazil Interview Part-2

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PostSubject: Orkut Brazil Interview Part-2   Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:35 am

5º Se você pudesse escolher para cantar uma musica da sua irma, qual seria e por que?
If you could choose a song to sing with Nelly which one would it be?

*Island of Wonder because it is full of emotion & spirit & I think of that song as an art piece. In particular, Frida Khallo’s paintings.That song takes me to a really cool place.

6º Qual a coisa mais dificil que você achou em se escrever um livro?
What is the hardest part abut writing a book?
*Releasing it to the public. I’m very nervous about that.... because it’s like showing your diary to everyone or walking around naked or something.

7º Você tem projetos futuros? Tipo, mais algum livro, etc?
Will you write more in the future?
*Yup, I will definately write another novel soon.

8º Quando você vem para o Brasil nos visitar?
Will you come to Brazil?
*...hopefully soon.

9º Quais suas expectativas para o lançamento do livro?
What are your expectations for this book?
*I hope the book will encourage people to engage in the spiritual side of life much more & make them question our reality on planet Earth.

Beijos e boa sorte! – Arthur de Sousa, Brasil


. Escrever o livro foi uma tarefa difícil?
Is writing a book difficult?
*I enjoy writing & any kind of creative expression.

. Alguma passagem do livro é baseada em você ou em algum conhecido seu?
Is this book autobiographical?

*I think it is impossible to write books or music without being somewhat autobiographical...If someone detached themselves from their medium then it would be left without a soul. Wouldn’t it?

. Como ocorreu a idéia de escrever um livro?
How did you get the idea to write this book?
*I have always wanted to write books. In university I would always choose courses with essays because I thought they were the easiest. This idea for the book came to me from a person I met who had schizophrenia and was living in a foreign country. He inspired me ~I wanted to write a book that was dramatic, but, also one that had spiritual meaning with a cultural consciousness in mind and he fit in quite perfectly.

. Qual a razão de você morar na China?
Why do you live in China?
*My husband.I came here for a short visit and fell in love so I stayed here to teach.

É um bom país para se viver?
Is it a nice place to live?
*I love living’s a dream. The best weather, the best, friendliest people& it’s very convenient. I prefer living in big cities. I believe 1.5 million people live in my city Kaohsiung and I love that! It’s very exciting everyday.

. Você sempre esteve próxima da Nelly?
Were you always close to Nelly?
*We’re usually on different parts of the world but I see her at leaste twice a year or so...& it’s quite sad that I can’t see her or my family more...But especially when we were younger we would hang out a lot.

Vocês são irmãs bem unidas? Are you close?
*We are sisters that love eachother. My husband says, he thinks that she loves me more than I love her.. but i dont know. Haha....She is my little nerdy sister that used to wear coke bottle glasses.I still see her like that sometimes.

. Quais são seus planos futuros após o lançamento do livro? What are your next plans?
*Continue writing my next book, I want to continue co-producing /promoting stand-up comedy shows in Asia. I also enjoy fashion and designing clothing so I’d like to continue to do more of that in the future.

. Qual CD da Nelly é o seu preferido?
What is your favorite CD of Nelly's?
E qual canção é a sua favorita?
What is your favorite song of hers?
*Explode~ it reminds me of my childhood and coming of age.

. Daqueles ídolos seus citados no blog você já conheceu algum que seja famoso?
From those heroes you posted on your blog; which ones have you met?

*...i have too many dead heroes posted on that blog–I’ve met tons but the ones that I remember most was Steve Nash, ex-president of Portugal Jorge Sampaio and the President of the European commission Jose Manuel Barroso. All of these guys I met before my sister became famous.
But, U2 was amazing...i met them during their tour in Dublin which Nelly opened that night.

. Você já viajou junto com a Nelly em alguma turnê dela?
Have you been to any tours of Nelly's?
Yes, so many! Tokyo, Western Europe, Eastern Europe~ Russia, Western Canada, Middle/ South U.S.A.
Gilliard de Souza, Brasil

1) Lisa, alguma vez você já sentiu inveja da Nelly em algum momento da sua vida ?
Do you ever envy your sister?
* Not envious. But living in my sister’s shadow often makes me question whether I’m any good, or whether my success is because of her fame. I also feel bad that I can’t ever hang out with her on the streets alone exploring a city together or something....For example, I’d love to go to Amsterdam with her . I love that city! I’d love to go to a pub & people watch and have some beers with her in peace. There are always so many people around... she is never alone. Being able to hang out with my sister one- on- one would be would be just like old times.

2) Que celebridade você ja conheceu ?
What celebrities have you met?
* Seen many at festivals backstage...the ones I remember the most were: Posh Spice, Gwen Stafani & Kylie Minogue.

Qual você mais gostou de se relacionar ?
Who was your favorite?
* I LOVED meeting Chris Martin from Coldplay. He is a deeply compassionate person & lover of all life forms& easily, the sexiest man on the planet. My sister & I got into some heated wrestling matches over how much I flirted with him backstage.haha….

3) Qual espectativa você quer que o seu livro cause no público ?
What do you want people to take from your book?
*For people to question/discuss life and spirit more.

4) Qual a maior dificuldade que você encontrou na China ? – Ricardo Galeriani, Brasil
What is the most difficult thing about living in China?

*Being lost in translation
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Orkut Brazil Interview Part-2
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