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 Orkut Brazil Interview Part-1

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PostSubject: Orkut Brazil Interview Part-1   Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:22 am

- Gostaria de saber como é que a tua vida mudou depois do sucesso da tua irmâ?

*More perks. We go on more family trips, I get to see countries that I would never have the chance of seeing before...Essentially, not too much has changed really I guess...

E já agora, como é ser irmã de alguêm com tanto sucesso em todo o mundo?

* Haha...I don’t see it like that...I respect her & I am very proud of her, but I still treat her like my little sister.

- Lisa, porquê escolheste Taiwan para viver?

*I’ve always been drawn to Asian culture and people in my life. My husband lived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan before me and said that this was the coolest Asian country...I agreed when I got there.

Como é a tua vida num país tão diferente do Canada?

*People here are either Buddists or Taoists and the economy is doing very well. Crime is very low so I don’t need to worry about being raped on the streets. Here, life is more convenient, fun, stimulating, I’m warmer here too! The sun seems to be always shining and so, people are friendlier.

- Quando é que decidiste escrever um livro?

*Since I was 19 or so...I was in an abusive relationship & I wanted to write a factual book regarding domestic violence to help other women. This book is not about this but I have some things about violence in there.

E como é escrever um livro?
*I enjoyed writing this book, it was a healthy form of expression and I got rid of some ugly things that were in me.....which I needed to express in a story.

Soubeste logo o que querias escrever ou foi aos poucos que surgiram as tuas ideias? – Ana Carvalho, Portugal

*Since I was 19 I have collected ideas for stories.I was saving them for later. I knew I would write lots of books one day. I have drawers that are full of notes & many years of journals with book ideas.

Hey Lisa ^^
1)Tell me something that you want to do and haven’t done it yet...

* In 2002 when I was the president of the Portuguese Association, Nelly & I helped organize a couple of fundraisers for the Kapasseni project and due to our efforts a clinic for HIV orphans was built in Mozambique. They also have a school there for the kids. One day I want to go to Mozambique with my sister to meet those amazing kids.
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Posts : 70
Join date : 2009-08-06
Location : Taiwan, Canada

PostSubject: Orkut Brazil Interview Part-2   Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:23 am

2)Do you have an unforgettable book, or movie, and why?

*Recently I watched, “What The Bleep Do We Know” and it put me over the moon in tears and emotion.

3)What is your religion, or your beliefs?

*I was raised Catholic and I love the traditions and symbolism and Jesus Christ & The Virgin Mary are my heroes. Yet, I also realize the damage the church has caused for a lot of people like women, the gay community & children so I hate that aspect. I consider my self highly spiritual but do not go to church because “ GOD” is everywhere and not only present in a man made church.

4)What turns you on and what turns you off?

*Turn on: People who are sexy are highly confident, yet humble ,not arrogant, compassionate and passionate about life& live outside the box & do not care about what others think.

*Turn off: People who are rigid and conform to society and the social conditioning of culture and media. You gotta think outside the box to attract others, and then in turn attract what you want in life.

Thanks in advance, Dani Smile – Daniela Pereira, Brasil

1º Lisa, você pretende lançar uma versão em portugues (do brasil) do seu livro?

*When the English version does well we’ll have it translated in Portuguese for sure.

2º Qual a melhor coisa em se ter uma irma famosa como a Nelly?

*Our family knew our lives would never be the same forever when she got signed by Dreamworks... The best thing is the belief that knowing full heartingly that-Yes;
in life anything is possible, no matter where you came from... so dream Big, But- be careful what you wish for.

3º Vocês pretendem trabalhar juntas alguma vez?

*We have talked about writing children’s music/books together.
We have also discussed running a goat farm on a desserted island somewhere with chickens, horses & pigs. But I don’t think we would do it because we would be too worried about ruining our relationship working together.

4º Qual é sua comida favorita?

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Orkut Brazil Interview Part-1
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